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Newborn Props, Editing Tools & Education

Newborn Photography Props, Editing Tools & Education 

I made this post not long ago on Facebook and Instagram and got overwhelmed with questions about my props and editing tools so I decided to write a blog. Just a bit easier than sharing over and over the same thing. 😅 

Before I share I want you to know that ALL these will be posted on my education course as posing videos, showing my lighting, camera settings and posing. We have an amazing new platform that makes finding all the content in the course a LOT easier. It also provides subtitles and in different languages. It's awesome!! 

The price for my education course increases starting April 1st, 2024. So, if you've been wanting to join for some time, you might not want to wait too long! As a member you also get access to a private facebook group where you can ask questions to the group or ask me directly. 

Here's the link with more information.

As Matthew McConaughey would say "All right, All right, All right" The moment you've been waiting for! Sorry for the dramatic intro but gotta have some fun, right?!

+ Editing Tools - Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Actions

+ Photography Props & Outfits

  • Macrame Chair from Rozzi Rayne Props - LINK 
  • Peacock Bowl  from Rozzi Rayne Props - LINK
  • Macrame Bowl from Rozzi Rayne Props - LINK 
  • Small Moses Basket from Amazon - LINK
  • Newborn Outfit by Olkato Knit
  • Layers & Other Accessories Manly & Pretty Little things, Whatsoever things props, A Wrinkle in time, Princess & the Pea, Pretty luxe & Striknity 

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