POSING WITH JESS 3.0 {Newborn Photography Online Course}


We will go into everything that goes into running a newborn photography business. 

what is included?

  • 15 posing videos you can download
  • 2 LIVE online workshop days {studio light + natural light}
  • LIVE 45 minute courses will be available throughout the year 2021 on the registered members facebook group
  • Pricing & business management
  • Pillow placement, lighting placement PDF guide
  • Marketing PDF guide
  • My studio equipment PDF guide
  • editing

        PLEASE NOTE: POSING WITH JESS 3.0 is NOT available for those who are currently mentoring/teaching newborn photography.

        ** Terms & Conditions **

        - All sales are final. NO REFUNDS.
        - This purchase authorizes the individual purchasing the registration for their own use. The purchaser will implement and maintain reasonable measures to protect the live stream from unauthorized use. By completing this purchase, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.