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Fully edited with primavera presets + the finishing touch actions

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Jessica's Presets and Actions have been the best editing purchase I have ever made. They are so easy to use and I get the results that I've been dreaming of since I first started photography back in 2009. They save me time and so much stress. I totally recommend them to beginners and seasoned photographers.
— Lela Ruth Photography
Customer reviews
I love your presets because they help reduce my editing time- I just click on my favorite preset, apply skin finishing actions, and I'm done!
— Tara Lindley Photography
Customer reviews
I discovered Jess’ presets and actions not too long ago and they have completely changed my work (for the better!). My images always seemed to be missing something and these finishing actions were exactly it. The smoothing actions alone are worth the investment. I have another popular set from a different company and this set absolutely blows it out of the water. I think I can safely get rid of all of my other actions and presets and just use Jess’. Cannot recommend enough!
— Little Moments By Sarah
Customer reviews
These actions are so easy to use! And I feel like I always have an option no matter what type of shoot I’m doing or how inconsistent I shoot. Editing is SO much easier now!
— Laura Danielle Photography
Customer reviews
I've been using Natural Love presets for going on two years (pretty sure that's a record for me when it comes to presets) and I honestly cannot imagine ever switching to something else! I struggled for the longest time with finding my editing style and I purchased SO MANY presets and just never liked the effect they had on my images. I absolutely love the natural tones of these presets and that they keep my colors so true to life. So often, presets tend to change tones and colors and I have to do a ton of editing and tweaking. Natural Love is virtually one click. I can't say enough good things about these presets and especially the support you'll receive from Jess, well worth it!
— Valerie Clement
Customer reviews
Before I discovered these actions & presets I went through thousands of other presets that did not feel right. Since the first time I used these I’ve not looked back. I love them every time more and more, easy to use and time saver is a plus.
— Viva La Vida by Daphne
Customer reviews
I am always on the hunt for new actions & presets that will speed up my workflow & make my life a little easier. I have a set editing process, so not all presets will work, but these actions & presets are amazing. They fit so easily into my newborn workflow & just need the most minor of clicks to keep my editing clean & consistent. I cannot recommend Jess's sets enough!!!
— Carrie Carpunky Photography
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The moonstruck presets have been designed to work with different types of cameras, including the new canon mirrorless series.