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The Finishing Touch Photoshop Actions - The Cheat Sheet & My Go To Actions

As a Newborn Photographer I know how time consuming it can be to even out skin tones, retouch newborn skin to get the most Natural Newborn look so I created the Finishing Touch Photoshop Actions to save time on editing. 

I use the Finishing Touch Photoshop Actions Collection 100% of the time. After using a Lightroom Preset as base, I retouch Newborn or Baby skin using the Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions in the collection. I also edit the background and overall image in photoshop using this set. 

I often get asked What are my Go To Actions from this set and how can you know what each action does. I will share with you my favorite actions to use from this set and I cheat sheet I put together to make the actions easy for you to use. 

My Go to Actions are: 

  • skin: no blemishes
  • skin : flawless finish {skin retouching action}
  • skin tone : creamy 
  • skin tone : almond
  • skin tone : you pick
  • no reds
  • no purples
  • rosy cheeks
  • scrumptious lips
  • sweet sugar glow
  • fix those highlights
  • one click : bg blur 
  • edgy finish 
  • adore you
  • definition 
  • def: night & day 
  • select 4 me 
  • high definition 
  • ready to post

The Finishing Touch Photoshop Actions are designed to color correct skin tones, retouch and smooth skin for newborns and babies, erase flaky skin, and to add your own artistic touch to your image. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE FINISHING TOUCH PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS

I got asked many times to create a short cheat sheet for the Finishing Touch Photoshop Actions so I finally created one you can download for FREE. Click on the link below to download. 



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