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Newborn Lightroom Presets - Natural Love Lightroom Presets Collection

Newborn Lightroom Presets - Natural Love Lightroom Presets Collection

The Natural Love Lightroom Presets were designed for Newborn Photographer by a Newborn Photographer. 

I created the Natural Love Newborn Lightroom Presets to make my editing workflow a lot quicker and save time. 

Lightroom Presets for Newborn Photography –The Natural Love Lightroom Presets includes a variety of newborn Lightroom presets for newborn photographers and was created by Jessica G. Photography - Newborn & Baby Photographer.

The Natural Love Lightroom Presets were created to conserve natural skin tones. for the Lightroom Presets to work their best you will need a beautiful SOOC image or Straight Out of Camera image. The main key to having a beautiful SOOC is lighting and camera settings. I teach how to achieve that Perfect Straight of Camera image in my online class which you can learn at your own pace with my step by step posing videos, detailed PDF guides and so much more! 

The Newborn Lightroom Presets - Natural Love Lightroom Presets Collection includes: 

  • 40 Lightroom Presets


After I apply the Lightroom Preset, I export the file in a PSD file so I can save as I edit and not lose my work. Then I retouch newborn baby skin and even out newborn baby skin tones using my Finishing Touch Photoshop Actions. Created to speed up editing workflow the Finishing Touch Photoshop Actions include 60+ Photoshop Actions. 

Create the most beautiful newborn & baby photo galleries

The finishing touch actions are designed to color correct skin tones, retouch and smooth skin for newborns and babies, erase flaky skin, and to add your own artistic touch to your image.

Includes 60+ Photoshop Actions 

  • skin: no blemishes
  • skin : newborn glow {skin retouching action}
  • skin : flawless finish {skin retouching action}
  • skin : natural love {skin retouching action}
  • skin tone : creamy 
  • skin tone : almond
  • skin tone : sienna
  • skin tone : you pick
  • no reds
  • no orange
  • no purples
  • no yellows
  • eye pop
  • rosy cheeks
  • pretty lashes
  • scrumptious lips
  • pink tones
  • sweet sugar glow
  • fix those highlights
  • pretty highlights
  • 20 background hazes
  • no banding
  • brush : color change
  • one click : no banding 
  • one click : bg haze
  • one click : bg blur 
  • one click : bg smooth 
  • one click : bg texture
  • one click : color change 
  • one click : white bg 
  • matte
  • colorful 
  • warm tones 
  • edgy finish 
  • adore you
  • moody finish 
  • add some color 
  • rustic feelz
  • definition 
  • def: contrast 
  • def: night & day 
  • definiton : skin 
  • merge layers
  • select 4 me 
  • high definition 
  • ready to post




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