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Hello & Welcome! I am Jess! I am a Newborn Photographer in El Dorado Hills, California and I have been a Professional Newborn Photographer for 8 years but it didn’t start with Newborn Photography. 

I did wedding photography for a few years but when my nieces were about to be born, I started looking into Newborn Photography and I was immediately captivated! I wanted to learn everything related to Newborn Photography since I loved photography and babies! What a perfect match!! I did a few Newborn model sessions but it really took off when I decided to go full time into my Newborn Photography Business. But, anyway this blog is about my studio so I want to show you how I set up my Newborn Photography Studio in California after moving from Australia. 

I get so many messages asking me where I find my studio decor and equipment, so why not try to write a blog about it, right? 

Here we go!! I found a really cool office space that wasn’t that cute so I was determined to make it super cute!! 


For the floors I used a light colored laminate. I selected it because it was durable, inexpensive & cute!!  

For the walls, I used an off white/beige paint color. The brand is BEHR and the paint color is WHITE VEIL. I wanted it to be a little warm in case I wanted to take family photos with and it photographs beautifully!   

I have many props so I wanted to use a storage system that matched my studio style but could also hold many Newborn Props and I would be able to change it around if I wanted to.

So, I went with the IVAR system from Ikea. I also wanted something lightweight in case I needed to move it. Some systems are so heavy and hard to move that it can be a pain! 




After I set up my shelfs I realized that my Newborn Outfit Collection was growing so I had to find a space for them. I got another small IVAR shelf and I found a super cute curtain rod that I could attach to the shelf (my hubby did all the work of course). 


I use the metal cubbies to store my layers, wraps and furs. I love these from World Market but you can also find similar storage systems in other stores. 


I have also found a lot of useful things for my Newborn Studio in Amazon so I will share photos with links here. Please note: I make a small commission from Amazon when you shop using my special links. 

Here is my table set up. I used two very sturdy card tables, you don't need to use the same ones but when searching for tables make sure they are strong and sturdy as this is extremely important for Newborn safety. 

I also use two yoga weights on each end to also ensure the table is sturdy and I use 7 to 8 layers to make it comfortable for baby. 


The backdrop stand I got it from Dragon Image in Australia but you could find a similar one in 

I hope this blog helps you on your Newborn Photography Journey. I also want to share my Amazon Essentials. I can't live without these!! 

That blue thing is the Lullavibe, it really helps keep babies soothed. I can't do a session with out it now!! The feeding pillow was recommended by client because I had a terrible feeding pillow and my client was like "you NEED to get this one" so I got it! My clients LOVE it!! 

You might be like, why does she have MAGNETS on this image?? Well, that's because for a long time I was trying to find the perfect way to hang my floor mats from Rozzi Rayne Studio Props and I finally found a solution that is safe and sleek!! Not to mention cheaper than getting a metal sheet. 



I am not sure how to conclude this blog. It's like my third blog so I consider myself a complete amateur but please let me know what you think and if this blog helped you in any way.

If you are just starting out your Newborn Photography journey or you have been on it for while, I would LOVE to be a part of it! I offer an Online Newborn Photography Education class that you could join! 

Thank you so much for reading!!!