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3 Tips for the Potato Pose - Newborn Photography

This Newborn Pose is super cute!! Here are some of my tips to achieve it. However, if you're just starting out in Newborn Photography it is essential to get education first. Specially with Newborn Safety.

Newborn Photography Posing

There are many resources for Newborn Photography Education out there you can choose from. I recommend to do a few get as much education as possible. You can do in person workshops, 1:1 Mentoring with an established photographer or online training. If you are interested in learning from me I have an online education group. In that group I share all my tips & tricks! Including the not so fun part of our job business and marketing. Ok! I did promise my 3 tips!

    1. Use a spotter - this can be one of the parents or an assistant you hire. Newborn Safety First - Always!

    2. Tools you use will make the difference in the outcome of the pose. 

I use: 

    3. Angle is everything - for this pose its important you take the image from above to create the illusion the bottom is smaller. 

Want to see this posing video tutorial when its released?? Its gonna be on my online education group Mastering Newborn Photography real soon!

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